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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ice blocks - Igloo

My son has a sudden interest in igloos.  I have no idea where it came from, but he asks me every day - "Mommy, what's an igloo?" - every day.  Its kind of become a running joke between the two of us, because he knows what one is, I put the question back on him, he pretends he doesn't know, I say its a bunch of silly things that its not, and he thinks its hilarious.  The plan was to go to the public library and get books on igloos, but when I mentioned building one, he was so excited that we had to do it right away.  I have some perfectly square ice cube trays that I bought from Amazon - perfect.

Getting started.  The tongs were his idea.  Lovin' his hair!  LOL

building an igloo

"Mommy, can we smash them now?"  He was really excited about smashing them after building his igloo.

He asked if we could make some colored blocks.....so we did.  These looked really cool on the light panel!

"Look, Mommy, you can write with these.  I made a track.  Its sliding across the light panel.  Cool!"

MUST taste them

This was just before bath time so of course we had to put them in the bath.  :)



  1. That's the samurai hairstyle. I used to do that to Bobo's hair.

  2. funny....i just posted the colored ice cubes on the light box on your facebook page a few weeks ago...

  3. your son might also be interested in the quinzhee (there are multiples spellings) which is a fort built in a pile of snow. Easier to build than an igloo and he'll sound like a northerner!

  4. Hi I am your avid fan from Singapore : ) Would like to know when you put sand/ice cubes etc on your light box, do you put a barrier in-between? I am worried about causing scratches/damage to my light box. Thanks!

  5. Where can I find an affordable light box

  6. Neat idea! Do you cover your light table to protect it from the melting ice or just leave it as is?


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