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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Translucent Silly Putty

I've been thinking about this for quite some time and we finally made it today - translucent silly putty.  I wasn't sure if it would work, so we made a small batch.  It worked and was really cool on the light panel (which is where it was intended to be used).  The pictures really don't do it justice.  It was pretty cool and my son played with it for an hour as I sat and tracked his play from time to time.  

**This silly putty sticks to clothes and carpet/cloth furniture.  My experience is that it washes out of clothes, but others have reported not being able to get it out of clothes.**

You need clear Elmers Glue, Liquid Starch, and a bowl to mix it in.  I used the entire bottle of glue and then about 1/2 that amount of starch (not equal parts).

My son hates letters, so I was shocked when he started sticking letters in the silly putty.

COOL!!  Translucent!!

We added some liquid water color and got a translucent aqua color! (Im sure you can use food coloring, too.)

Its hard to tell, but they really are translucent.  :)

My son really enjoyed blowing bubbles in the silly putty!  

He then went and got his bat gems and tried sticking them in the straw.  "They're too big."

So then he got his scissors and some mardi gras beads and started cutting the beads and sticking them in the straw.

Cutting mardi gras beads.




  1. I love this - I must make it! :)

  2. My baby is only six months old, but I'm keeping a little book with all your ideas in it for when the time comes. This idea, on the other hand, we'll probably make right away -- who says mommy and daddy can't enjoy translucent silly putty?

  3. this is so great! we just made this (but a colored version) . this is awesome - off to share.

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  5. Do you know if this silly putty will also pull newsprint off the page? I'm directing a newspaper play activity at my library in a few months. Wouldn't this be fun to make to do newsprint painting??!

  6. A cleaning trick if silly putty gets on clothes is to use WD-40. Rub it in and pull off as much as you can, then wash as normal, maybe by itself, it comes right out and the WD-40 does not stain clothes.

  7. I love your blog... I have a question. What do you do with things like cut up mardi gras beads? Do you toss them? Does he ask for them? We wind up with a lot of clutter and I was wondering how you handle it. Thanks for all the great ideas. We finally bought some water beads and I'm kicking myself for not buying them sooner. My son spent an hour just digging his hands in them and transferring them from one container to another. :)

  8. I love all your light table activity ideas. We tried out the translucent silly putty this evening (we added some glitter to ours). My daughter loved it!

    I added a link to your light table activities on my blog!


  9. lemon juice concentrate and a stiff brush plus warm water gets it right off, and out of HAIR, which I would not spray wD-40 on. the lemon juice dissolves the polymer bonds.


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