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Thursday, July 21, 2011


We were taking a walk around the neighborhood yesterday.  There are a lot of new houses going up and tons of construction.  We came across a house that had their sprinkler system set up above the ground...  they were getting ready to bury it and were testing to make sure everything was working properly.  I wish I had a camera to take a picture of my daughters eyes when she saw this HUGE sprinkler!  I asked my husband if he could make a sprinkler for her using the same materials.  Of course he was delighted to have another "man project"  It's in the works now but I thought I would share some of my research on PVC pipe.  Here is a list of some of the fun projects I found.  Enjoy.  :-)  RL

Sand and Water table


Fun water play





Photo was taken from link above

Play tents

Storage Solutions


  1. I love this blog and will take some ideas, but many suggestions only work for people with big houses and a lot of space. I live in a 65 square meter apartment with two small bedroom and no room for play tables, craft closets, easels, etc. . . Just one box reserved for crafts and projects on a small book shelf. Please post about what essentials are best for projects and which projects can been done in limited space!

  2. I just posted a link on our FB page today in reference to doing all of this in small spaces. Did you see it? Its actually here on our blog under THE ENVIRONMENT. - AK

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