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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Having a BLAST with street paint

Im always trying to follow my son's interests. I find that one way I can do that (instead of doing the same activity over and over), is to take something he is interested in, and apply it to something we have already done.  This is a twist on street paint.  You have seen it with brushes, you have seen it in balloons, and today - we put it in his water blaster! 

I bought this water blaster at the dollar store and he has been carting it everywhere - the park, the lake, the pool, etc.  Today, we used it to paint the driveway!  He loved it!

Just a reminder - Street Paint is Equal parts water and corn starch (corn flour) + food coloring.  (I dont really measure, you dont have to be exact.)


 Water blaster, containers, corn starch, food coloring, water (not shown here)

 scooping out the corn starch and pouring it in the containers

 Adding food coloring

 Sucking it up in the water blaster


 Pouring out the rest, of course.

 Splashing in it (his favorite part).



  1. We are going to make some tomorrow!! Thanks again for another great idea! :)

  2. I love all of your ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! I noticed that you use food coloring in a few activites, does it not stain? Also, how do you make the liquid water colors? Just water and food coloring?

  3. Yes, food coloring stains, but comes off in the bath for the most part. Liquid watercolors can be found here on our blog under PRODUCTS WE LOVE/DISCOUNT SCHOOL SUPPLIES. - AK

  4. You said food coloring stains. Does it also stain the concrete? I love this idea and want to try this with my son.

  5. It has been MY experience that when used in corn starch and water, as seen here, it does NOT stain the concrete. We did have one mom on our Facebook page tell us that it did stain her driveway. I have done this several times and never had a stain. In addition, if it does leave a slight tint, Im assuming it fades with sun, rain, etc. - AK


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