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Sunday, June 12, 2011

TINSEL TIME - 11 months old

Here is a simple - and simply fun - activity to do with infants.  All you need are a few bags of tinsel and a baby pool.  (Other things you can play with in a baby pool with an infant: ball pit balls, dry beans, dry oatmeal, etc).


  1. Is this safe? I thought tinsel can easily wrap around and twist internal tissue?

    Dry beans are a favorite in our house!

  2. Its 100% safe with adult supervision. I allowed him to explore with his mouth, but not EAT it. AK

  3. I havn't worked with Tinsel in a long while so I forget :-p I thought it had the potential of cutting due to the edges...Still Very cute!!! Eatting the play things has always been one of my major concerns with my daughter. I want to take her out with sidewalk chalk...but yea...I see it going straight to her mouth right now! :-p A Ball pit is actually on my list of things I want to get her though....that Mega Playland would be soooo cool to purchase!

  4. The tinsel is safe. He explored it with his mouth, which is very age-appropriate (its just how they learn about their world) and something I allow to some extent. The ball pit is fun - even now that my son is 2.5. - AK

  5. I love this activity! I do it alot with my little ones and have never considered it to be unsafe. Like you I supervise them while they explore and don't let them eat it;-)


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