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Friday, June 24, 2011


Clay is a great medium to use at home.  As with many of our activities, it can enhance a child's emotional and intellectual development.  It can also be quite therapeutic for some children, with its pliability and texture.  We use it in our homes to explore, imagine, and problem solve.  Its a perfect medium to use to connect with your child and encourage creativity. (You can find clay and clay tools at most craft stores.  The clay hammers can be found under SUPPLIES/DISCOUNT SCHOOL SUPPLIES here on our blog.  I have the real wooden and metal clay tools, but they also make plastic clay tools if you are more comfortable with that.)  - AK, MESE, MECD

Working with clay

"Im making an airplane."

An invitation to explore and create with clay.

Hammering with clay hammers

"Im making a mountain."

Painting his mountain the next day.

So proud!

Cleaning up.



  1. Is the source of your clay and clay tools in your favorite things post? Being lazy and trying to save myself the time of reading through all of them again. ;)

  2. Love the clay exploration and the tools! Thanks for posting photos of each child's creative process for the 'plane', 'mountain' and 'birthday cake' :)


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