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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Painting" with water

I think summer play season is here!  We are always looking for fun ways to play with water as the temperatures here get HOT and HUMID!  A few years we back we did this water play post....

We expanded off that a bit and instead of just squeezing, pouring, etc into the sensory bin I thought I would give them a "canvas".... AKA our driveway.  

Some of the items we used.  

Watering Ducks (Target Dollar Spot)
Paint Brushes
Condiment Bottles
Spray Bottles

Our refill station.

This is much easier than using the hose and having the water running constantly.  

My oldest (4.5 years) twirling around with a wet paintbrush.

"Look at the design I am making!"

My middle girl (3 years) making a circle with her paintbrush.  

 Condiment Bottles

The girls asked if they could add some color to the water.  

We grabbed some color tablets from the bathroom.

My oldest discovered that you can mix colors by placing them on top of each other and spraying them with water.  So cool!!!  I love watching them experiment.  

Above is a small blue color tablet on top of a big yellow tablet.

"Look!!!!  I'm making green!!!"  

We placed some tablets in front of our refill station.  

The picture doesn't do this justice!  We had a "rainbow river"!  

It was also fun to "clean" with the brushes.  

Watering the flowers.  


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