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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tray Activities

RL and I recently took a trip to a local store called THE SCRAP EXCHANGE (yes, this place is a Reggio philosophy followers dream)  The first thing we both spotted were these wooden trays....for $4.00.  Trays can really help define a work (i.e. - play) space.  RLs oldest immediately used her tray to contain her Legos and her Lego creations.  They are a perfect fit for setting up invitations, containing marbles from a marble run, and/or sand creations.  We all know that tracing and drawing in sand is a wonderful multisensory pre-writing activity, but using sand for open ended, imaginative play is just as important.  Here are just a few of our sand tray ideas.....

Invitation for open ended sand play.

Dinosaur sand tray play
For more on adding mirrors, see our MIRROR POST.

Add a black light and some orange sand for glow in the dark sand tray play....

Glow in the dark sand tray

Using our DIY SAND ROLLERS in the sand tray...


Use the sand tray for a letter find game....

Add stickers to the bottom of the tray

cover with sand

Using make-up brushes to uncover the letters

Egyptian sand tray

Use chalk board paint to make the tray a chalk friendly

For more glow in the dark play see THESE POSTS

Sand was purchased at Michaels craft store.



  1. The Egyptian sand tray is my favorite. The black sand sparkles and adds an element of whimsy to the play area.

  2. That sounds like such a fun store! I immediately Googled to see if there was anything similar in my area (Philadelphia). I found out that stores like these are called "Creative Reuse Centers," and yes, there is one in Philadelphia! We'll be going there soon! Thanks for cluing me in to this type of store. I love what you've done with the sand tray - so many unique ideas! Thanks!

  3. What other cool things did you find at the Scrap Exchange??

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