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Friday, January 18, 2013

Letter Hunt

My girls love playing hide and seek and have taken a huge interest in letters lately.  I thought I would combine the two and do a letter hunt.  We chose letters, but you can use anything you have on hand. This invitation was for my 4 year old and my soon to be 3 year old.   

The invitation. 

 I wrote out the letters on paper and laminated it.  This way we can use it over and over again.  They just put a mark with dry erase markers next to the letter they find.  

I also laminated a basic map of our playroom.   I wrote out the letter on the map in the general area where it was hidden.   

A couple buckets for collection

Dry Erase Markers


Close up of the map.  

No, I did not get the artistic gene!  However, my girls were able to figure it out just fine.  :-)  

I tried to make the difficulty mixed.  I wanted them to have a challenge, but also not get frustrated at the same time.  The map provided a great tool for them to find the letters.  

They did have to open a few things to find the letters.  

Letters D and I hidden on the white board. 

I also left some in the open.  

My oldest said "That was not a very good hiding place, Mommy."  LOL  

Marking off her letters. 

They also rubbed off the letters on the map after they found them.  

My middle girl (2.5) searching for letter A.  

So proud!  

"I found letter A.  I better check that off so we know we found it."  

"Letter B was in the barn!!  That was a tricky one!"  

I always try and involve my youngest in everything we do.  I helped her search... and she did find one letter on her own!  

My oldest getting a little frustrated looking for the hidden letter in the wipe container.  

"I DON'T SEE IT ANYWHERE!!!!!  Can you give me a clue?"

"It is inside of something."

"Hmmmmm... maybe it's inside the lego box.  No, not there."

"I found it!!!!!"

A few letters left. 

Our map with a lot of the letters wiped off.  

After the girls were all done they wanted to hide the letters for me.  

My middle girl would point to where they were.  

"Look under the table."

Gotta love them.  :-)  

"Maybe you should look inside of here.  I hid this one."

When they hid them, they didn't mark anything on the map.  

Be aware.... letters may go missing!!  We are still searching for one more.  They sure are good hiders!  



  1. Love this idea, when we were doing beginning sounds/ letter sounds I gave my boys bits of paper with a letter printed on it (e.g S) and they had to go all round the house placing that letter on all the things that began with that sound (e.g stairs, seat, stapler). Treasure hunts are great and so adaptable. I have some that I hope to put on my blog (http://littleboybluetoddleschool.blogspot.co.uk/) soon.

  2. We played this for HOURS today! I have 2 1/2 and just turned 4 year old sons. Only improvement I will make for next time is one upper and one lowercase set of letters and separate maps for them. The older was getting a bit frustrated at his younger brother when he would accidentally rub off the wrong letter :)

    1. make two letters sheets one for the younger one and one for the oldest

  3. So creative, I love it. It's funny and they learn the letters. Yeah, nice one

  4. So creative, easy, and interactive! Thank you for sharing. I love your Facebook page and this blog, it's awesome! I'm going to start incorporating many things in my home day care :)

  5. Are those letters from Discount School Supply? I need a set of those!


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