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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dry Ice Play

**There are precautions that need to be taken when playing with dry ice.  Please only do what you are comfortable with.**

You can read about safe handling of dry ice HERE.

My parents sent us some Omaha Steaks for Christmas and inside the box was some dry ice.  I was so excited to try to FREEZE SOME BUBBLES.  Yeah, that didn't work....at all.  We still had a ton of fun "making it steam", watching it "erupt", and watching the bubbles float on top of the carbon dioxide.  

"making it steam"
In a ventilated room

Watching it "erupt"

I thought maybe we didn't have enough dry ice to get the bubbles to freeze, so we picked up a large block of it today from our local grocery store.  Freeze bubbles - take two........

Very cool watching the bubbles hover

A few of them landed on the dry ice, but NONE of them froze.  BUMMER!!

"Mommy, look at that bubble!!"

We took the dry ice outside and put it in the sensory table (sight and sound are senses, too).  There were water beads nearby, so he decided to add them.  They sizzled and squeaked whenever they touched the dry ice....he thought that was pretty cool.

We flipped a piece over to find that the water beads had created craters.  "Its like the moon, Mommy."




  1. Another fun thing to do is put some dish soap in a big bin of water and then add dry ice--it makes TONS of bubbles and when you pop them they "smoke!" :o)

  2. when you buy it from the store, does it come in a container of some sort, or do you need to bring in a cooler, gloves, etc to take it home?

  3. I don't even look at about.com anymore because many of the activities don't work for us. It looks like you had a lot of fun, though. Steve Spangler does some cool things with dry ice (videos on youtube).

  4. I nanny and it is very cold here in MA this week. Yesterday the girls (4 yrs old twins and 5 yrs old, very busy and fun!) and I blew frozen bubbles. I thought I'd pass along some tips...

    1) The bubble solution needs to be cold!
    2) It works best if you blow a bubble onto something, like a table so that it is stuck there.
    3) They look really cool at night, like smoke bubbles because the heat from your breath is stuck in the bubbles.
    4) It took about 10 minutes outside blowing bubbles for them to start freezing so dress warm!

    HAVE FUN!!!!


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