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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Plum Pit

My daughter loves to choose a special fruit for herself when we grocery shop, and several times recently she chose plums (yum!). One day after finishing her plum she asked about the pit. We talked about seeds, our garden, and her own recent Gardening Invitation experience. Then she asked, "could we grow a plum tree?" She was so excited and I didn't know the answer, so I said, "let's go look it up and see what we find out." I found a simple and informative article on eHow and we talked about the supplies we would need. Then she went off to play; she was dissappointed we couldn't get started right away. A few minutes later she came back and asked if we could go to the plant store to get the supplies - "sure!"

Adding vermiculite

Adding Peat moss

She mixed the vermiculite and peat moss,
added the plum pit, then poured in some water.

Finding a place for the plum pit in the fridge.
We have been checking the plum pit weekly (or whenever we remember) for just about 8 weeks, but we still don't see any signs of growth. It was a lot of fun and a wonderful opportunity to talk and practice life skills...even if it doesn't "produce." Here's the direction in case you want to give it a try!
Things you need:
Plum pit
Plastic storage bag
Peat moss
*Plant pots
(1) Remove pit and clean pulp from pit using lukewarm water and soft bristled brush. Mix equal parts peat moss and vermiculite in a resealable plastic storage bag. Water to moisten mixture, but do not make soggy. Place plum pit in mixture, seal bag, and store in refrigerator 6-8 weeks to break dormancy and encourage growth. Watch for signs of grown and remove immediately if it begins to sprout prior to the 6-8 week period.
*Now you will need these items.*
(2) Plant pit 2-inches deep in a planting medium of 1-part potting soil and 1-part vermiculite, and water thoroughly. Set in a sunny window to encourage new growth. Keep soil evenly moist, but avoid soggy soil Re-pot plant one it's outgrown original pot.

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