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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Glass Pumpkin

For the original post using glass to create, see our GLASS SCULPTURES post.

It was a cold and rainy morning and my son and I were playing in his playroom.  I'm looking around the room, trying to get inspired by something I see, when I notice that one of our jars (purchased for 99 cents from Michaels, is shaped like a pumpkin).  I knew I had everything else we needed to make a glass pumpkin, so I set up this invitation....

gems (from Michaels), glass jar, hot glue gun

The invitation went like this:
  • "What's that, Mommy?"
  • "Its a Halloween invitation. [holds up jar].  Can you think of something that's shaped like this that we see at Halloween time?"
  • "Its just round like a ball."
  • "Yes, its round like a ball.  What are some Halloween items that are round like a ball."
  • "Ummmm, I don't know."
  • "Is it shaped like a bat?"
  • "No."
  • "Is it shaped like a witch?"
  • "No.  Its shaped like a pumpkin."
  • "It is.  What colors do you see when you look at a pumpkin?"
  • "Orange with a stem.  Oh, I can make one.  Can I use this?" [picking up glue gun]
  • "Of course you can.  Don't forget that the tip is very hot, so your hands stay on the blue part.  And what else is hot?"
  • "The glue."
  • "Yes.  The glue is very hot."

It was right about here that he burned his finger on some hot glue...and cried....and got some love....and continued on.

Almost done
So pretty!

He chose to put his pumpkin on the shelf in his room.  I think a finger light might be small enough to fit into the opening.....we will find out tonight.  Either way, its gorgeous, and he is very proud of the tiny blister on the tip of his finger that he has showed to everyone from the clerk at Walgreens to the Baristas at Starbucks.  LOL  
Assuring them that "it will heal".

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  1. This looks very cute and festive for fall. Great how language was incorporated into the activity!

    Talking With Rebecca

  2. I wish I had started that young with the glue gun. I'm still resistant to use it b/c I get burned every time. You've got a brave little one!

  3. Wonderful Idea and very cute! It inspired me to make glass Christmas Tree or Christmas Ornament with my kids. Thanks.


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