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Monday, August 27, 2012

Stamping on Sticky Paper

Materials needed:

Clear Contact Paper

I set this up on the light table.  However, this can also be done with the contact paper hanging in a window or just laid out on any table.  The colors were very vibrant with the light shining through.  

The invitation  

My oldest (3.5 years) dove right into this by telling stories with the stamps. 

"A big elephant was walking through the jungle.  He stopped to smell the flowers."

My daughter was not interested in spelling out words but I just wanted to show an alternative to this.  We used jeweled letters but alphabet stampers would work great as well.  

I put out primary colored stamp pads because my girls have been very interested in color mixing lately.  

My oldest wanted to make purple stars.  

"We don't have any purple.  I think I can make purple by mixing red and blue.  Let me try.  I did it!!!  It's purple!!!!"  

My 2.5 year old loved this as well.  

The stampers in this post can be seen HERE



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