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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Magna Tile Match

My daughter loves THIS game.  She pretty much knows all of the game cards by heart so I thought I would create something similar myself.  We used magna tiles on the light table.  However, it can be done any way you like.  You can use regular blocks, cups, bottles caps, acrylic shapes, etc.  Pretty much anything you can make a design with.  


I first created a design...  Here she is trying to match it.  

"I did it! Can we do another one?"

She always found her pieces first, and then created the design.

"There is a lot of colors in this one.  It's tricky but I can do it."

Yes you can!  One proud little girl.  

"That's not right.  I need to fix this one."  

A match.  :-) 

After we did quite a few I decided to switch things up a bit.  "I'm not sure I can do that one.  I guess I will try it." 

"I need two greens and two reds.  I did it!"

"Wait....that doesn't look like yours.  These need to be switched."



  1. I know this is totally random... but can I just say that I love that your kids look like normal kids in all these pictures! I get so tired of seeing kids that look like they're dressed for easter or something in every picture on a blog... yeah, they look cute, but can they even move properly in that?
    Anyway, kind of a silly pet peeve, I just really think kids should be dressed to play! So thank you!

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  3. Thank you Moms for inspiring us! I've just finished making our own light box and cannot wait until we can do many more of your activities!


  4. I did this activity with Duplo legos and my daughter (3.5 yrs) loved it!!! It was neat to see her problem solve and figure it out :) Then I let her make a model for me to copy (which I would sometimes do wrong to see if she'd notice). Thanks for the idea!

  5. I love this so much, but can't find anywhere on the site whether you purchased the light table she's working on or if you made it where the tips are?


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