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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bingo Play

My posts are probably going to be short and sweet for awhile!  I've been busy chasing after the three little munchkins.  Here is a simple yet fun invitation we set up the other day.  

Bingo Play

Materials needed:

Bingo Dabbers (They have these at Dollar Tree)
Bingo Chips
Translucent Paper (If you want to do it on the light panel) or...

White Paper

Laminator/Laminator sheets

You can dab letters, numbers, patterns, shapes, etc.  or we have templates HERE

After you have your design, laminate for future use.  They wipe off clean with a wet wipe.  I suppose they don't have to be laminated but it does save on paper!  

We did a few letters because my oldest is letter crazy right now.  

Placing bingo chips on the dots.

Letter X

My 26 Month old dabbing away.  



  1. I'm not sure what you are laminating. Did u dobber on an overhead transparency then laminate it?

    1. It is translucent paper... different than overhead transparency paper. Yes, I laminated it. I'm not sure a bingo dabber would "stick" to transparency paper?

  2. Thank you! I just put some of the paper on my wish list at amazon! I've been wanting to print out graphing worksheets/ boxes to use on the lightbox and I couldn't print on an oh transparency. Mi hope this will work

  3. Excuse my question, but I didnt grow up here and just wanted to know if the Bingo Dabbers are the marker looking things that are on the table. And what do you use to fill in the dots. The marker thingy or the bingo chips? When do you use which or can be use both in this activity. Thank you.


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