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Monday, March 19, 2012

I-Spy Bath Time Style

We are always excited when we find a new bath "toy."  The other day we were at Staples and saw these submergible flashlights on the end cap.  How fun!   My girls have a blast with these in the tub.  They are always shining them all around searching for things so I thought I would set an I-spy invitation up for them.  This was a last minute decision so the pictures are not the best.  


Submergible flashlight
Things to "spy"
Something to hang them (I used both sticky putty and suction cups with hooks... Dollar Tree)

Checking things out.

This is with my flash on.  I hung various bath toys and animals.  I also did a few floating/sinking objects.  I didn't get any naked-free pictures, though. 

Flash on.

"I spy something orange!" 

Looking around

She was so excited when she found something (24 Months)

"I spy a monkey!!!!"

Something Red

My 3 year old loved this as well.  

She's pointing at the shower head here saying "I found something round"  :-)  

"I spy something blue.... and fluffy."  



  1. that is totally awesome love love the idea

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