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Monday, February 13, 2012


Play that encourages gross motor skills should be a daily part of every child's life.  One way we develop gross motor skills in our home is through the use of our swing support bar and all its attachments.  Not only does this encourage strength, coordination, and an active lifestyle, but it also translates into patience, confidence, competence, perseverance, problem solving skills, etc. 
(Our swing was once in our playroom, but we moved it to the garage for a greater swinging range.) 
Here are our attachments that bring all the fun....

Our platform swing.  This swing allows for several different positions that are fun and beneficial for ALL children.  Sitting helps develop balance and trunk control and lying down is great for increasing shoulder strength and head control. Its also fun to climb around on as it swings - great for coordination and kinesthetic awareness.

 For do it yourself instructions on how to make a platform swing, CLICK HERE.
Also check out our fun SWING PAINTING post.

Climbing rope - helps develop bilateral coordination, grip and forearm strength, arm and back strength, etc

Trapeze bar and rings.  He loves to flip over the corn pit.  Building confidence, strength, and coordination.

Climbing ladder with a bell at the top for ringing helps develop balance, agility, strength, confidence, etc.

Infant swing - yes, he still fits in it.  A nice, relaxing ride.

"Regular" swing.  While he went through a fluke period of being able to swing himself using his legs, he's not doing it anymore.  When he learns how, though, it will provide a great workout for his entire body.

Chair swing - a comfortable ride stimulating the vestibular system.  Ahhhhhh - what fun!

Have you been inspired to install a swing in your home yet??  We love ours - all the benefits are just a bonus!



  1. We have a swing in our house. We have ours hanging in the unfinished basement. We used to just have the baby swing but then the older kids started climbing on it so we switched to rings from Ikea. They were a great price and we LOVE them. There are two separate rings and they are made from rope and light wood. There is something about them that is so cool. The kids can swing on one at a time or both. Because of the rings my daughter is able to be the only girl in her class that can do multiple pull ups in gym. Just from playing all year round on the rings.

    1. Oh and the swing is over a futon matress for padding.

  2. Totally inspiring! Except that if we had a swing in the house, it better be strong enough to hold big mama:-) What a tidy garage too!

  3. love this. I'd also love a tutorial on how to make it safe/strong... thanks for your inspiring blog posts!

  4. We have a swing attachment in our enclosed porch. My son's favorite attachment is the trapeze bar, he is crazy strong and loves doing flips.
    At the gym where he does gymnastics they attach beach balls with bouncy elastic to the swing hooks. The kids love hitting them around. Great hand eye coordination practice.

  5. We just hung a swing in our basement and our girls simply love it!! Best purchase in a long time!

  6. your swings are great and i think you covered most forms of swings that can be found! chapeau! we have another one and the kids love it as well, because they can swing together in it:
    thank you for your blog. you always inspire me!

  7. I teach a class for kids with special needs and would love to install a swing in our classroom. We have a drop ceiling and are checking to see if there is a way to attach the hardware.

  8. You are my inspiring me I love your swing!!

  9. Where did you get all the equipment from? We live in Alaska, and have really long winter months, so it would be nice to have something to keep the kids busy.

  10. Love, love, love this. Wish I had the space :(

  11. Is the doorway support bar the only attachment for all the different swings you are using? Thanks. Love your ideas.


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