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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PAHM Potty "Training"

We try to stay away from "parenty" issues such as potty training on our blog and FB page.  We like to keep it about play, and still plan to, but we get more emails asking for potty training advice than anything else.  So, we decided to create a document about it.

Table of Contents

Choosing a Potty
Getting Familiar with the Potty
When to Start
Why we don't use rewards/punishments
Why we don't use schedules
Bowel Movements
Nap and Nightime
Playing Outsise/Day out
For older children

Price is $4.99

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if this is mostly about EC, or is it more the nuts and bolts of how to move from diapers to undies? I've been doing EC very part time with my daughter who is 21 months now and I really want to "seal the deal" so I guess I'm asking will this help me do it? Thanks for a great blog!

  2. No, its not about EC. Its just about the steps we took to get our children acquainted with the potty and then transition them to underwear.

  3. I'm curious to read your document but don't to pay $5 because I only have one question. We've done EC since 6 weeks and my daughter has been in undies for all but car rides at 6 months and then full time at 11 months. But now she's 22 months and I still have to do everything for her. She'll tell me when she needs to go and all that jazz (some days worse than others, like this morning, ha!). But that fact that your 23 month old will go to the potty, take her undies off, and then go.... sigh. My girl will NOT do this. Despite there being a potty in every room. She's also very chunky and doesn't have great balance (only started walking 4 months ago) so maybe I'm just expecting too much of her (taking undies off would be hard) right now. But how to help her make that transition to taking care of it herself? Some days I wish I lived in a dirt hut and that she could just wear a loin cloth :)

  4. I am amazed. Second day doing this. My daughter 22 months) is.doing great! Already a huge improvement from yesterday. We even went out for a few hours today and she had no issues.going in public on her little seat. She is asking to go and doing great! Thanks!!

    1. We are so happy to hear you are finding success. YAY!!


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