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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Musical Balloons

My girls love their balloons.  We've been having a blast with the luminary balloons.  Those things can get expensive, though!  I was trying to think of something different we could do with them that didn't cost so much money!  After looking back at posts from 2011 I revisited our Sensory Balloons post.  I thought I would put a little twist on it.  It led me to this...

All you need are some balloons and various objects to stick inside.  We used 12 inch balloons.  They were very easy to fill. I did set up an invitation for this that you will see below.  However, my girls had so much fun just dancing around with these and shaking them.  

After 30 minutes of dancin' and shakin' the questions starting rolling in.  "Mommy, what is inside of there?  Do you hear that?  What does that sound like?"  

The invitation

We had six balloons.  I placed what was inside each balloon in a small container.  These containers were purchased in a pack of six at the Dollar Tree.  

Top row from left to right: Marbles, bells, and lentils
Bottom row from left to right: Pony beads, sand, and water

My 22 month old placing her bell balloon on the bell container.  She was right!  My oldest had to check all the ones my 22 month old did to make sure they made a match.  There was a lot of switching going on.  LOL  I left the tops to the containers out so that they could shake the container and make a comparison.  I wish I had more pictures of this but my youngest was up.  Speaking of that... depending on what you put in the balloons, this activity is LOUD!  At least if your children are anything like mine with the shaking.  :-)  

All matched up.  

After 5 or 6 rounds my oldest asked to cut them open.  They cut them over a bin to contain what was inside.  

Watching the balloon deflate.

"Bells!!!!  I made a match!!!"

"I think this one needs to be switched.  Those are marbles"

Cheater!!!!!  LOL LOL  

My 22 month old loves the scissors now, too.  



  1. Great idea. I'll have to try that with my granddaughter.

  2. We do this with bells. I'll have to try the other suggestions, thanks. :)

  3. As an avid follower of your blog (and I must say every time I use your ideas for my child or any of the ones that are part of my life I get people asking me how I thought of things and then refer them here) I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!


    Thank you so much for enriching the lives of your children and mine every day!

  4. This is a super cute idea! My class would love to do this!

  5. Ew sign me up. That looks like fun. My girls will love this.

    Veronica @ http://watchmeplaynlearn.blogspot.com/2012/01/s-e-n-s-o-r-y-play-colored-epson-salt.html

  6. Great idea! Going to try this next week, my boys will love it!

    On a side note, where did you find the acrylic bins for your pegboard in the background? I want to get our playroom more organized!

  7. This looks lke fun, but as a nurse, I won't let my kids play with these types of balloons. The only type of balloons that are safe for young children in my opinion, are Mylar balloons. If one of the balloons used in your experiment were to pop, and a child were to put in his/her mouth and choke, it can be fatal. I know from experience that balloons are extremely hard to extract from a child's airway, and have caused fatal injuries, and brain damage.

  8. What a fun idea! I've done a similar activity with small boxes or old camera film containers in the past (when those were easy to find!). I never thought to use balloons. Thanks :)


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