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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seasonal Sensory Bin - and light!

Christmas has clearly begun in our home!  As I posted on our facebook wall the other night, the holidays can be stressful for children.  Your mood will be directly reflected in your child's behavior. If you are stressed, your child will certainly act out.  What better way to take time to reconnect, slow down, and PLAY than a sensory bin on the light table.  There was something particularly calming about this one.  My intention were to make it look "Christmasy" (yes - I made up that word).  I intentionally didn't add too much because I wanted him to take it wherever he wanted it to go.  

 The invitation

 first he checked out the new material

 listening to the sound it made when it fell from his hands

 more exploring

 he brought out his cups

 scooping and pouring (and he brought out a cardboard roll)

 pouring into the cardboard roll...he told me he couldn't see it

 so he got out his TUBI and asked me to help him build a tunnel


 TUBI filling up with "snow"

picking up the TUBI and watching it all fall out....his favorite part!

- AK


  1. What is a TUBI? and is that Epsom salt in the bin?


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  3. I am wondering what a TUBI is as well. Can they be purchased online?

  4. TUBI is the toy in the pic....bought online, but I think it has since been discontinued. - AK

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  6. I am curious what the "snow" in the bin is?

  7. Love your Blog! Where did you get your light table? Thanks!


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