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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puffy Paint Christmas Crafts

For the homemade puffy paint recipe click HERE

This is by far one of our favorite homemade paint recipes.  We use it often.  I set up this invitation for my girls today.  To put a Christmas spin on it, I cut out a tree and snowman for them.  You can either paint this on, or for a more puffy paint feel you can put it in squirt bottles.     

The invitation

My 21M old mixing the paint

Adding color

My 21M old could care less about paint right now.  Her two favorite craft items are markers and stamps.  Even with all that paint sitting in front of her she went right for her markers to color her tree and snowman.... and that is OK!  

Then she thought her baby needed some color.

My oldest painting her snowman.

If you sit on the table and use two paintbrushes you will get amazing results.  LOL  

Before microwaving. 

Placing snowman in microwave...



My 21M old before the squirt bottle.   

I thought she would enjoy it more if it was in a squirt bottle.  I poured all the extra paint into the bottle.  It was a success.  

She loved pressing the buttons, too.  



  1. LOVE IT!!!!! We will try this soon!

  2. I think this is definitely an activity for my son and I to do tomorrow.

  3. Nice! How long do you microwave it?

  4. Wow! Nice post with and image so Christmas crafts is very import and tomorrow send the Christmas function.

  5. I'd love to do this, but we got rid of our microwave years ago due to it being a health hazard, and our children have never seen or used a microwave. Is there anyway to make this work without a microwave? We have a convection toaster oven, but I think it would set the cardboard on fire!

  6. @alaska realtor. Um.... Maybe a hair dryer?? Not sure if it would work but it's worth a shot.

  7. what are the measurements for the puffy paint recipe?


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