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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Magnetic Christmas Tree

I originally posted pictures of this on Facebook.  My daughter has been making a new tree every day since we first did this.  She's been having so much fun I thought it would be post worthy.  :-)  

You can see AK's post here on DIY magnets.  Click here for DIY magnets

I drew a Christmas Tree on the whiteboard for her to decorate.  However, if you do not have a white board you can also use a cookie sheet, cake pan, etc.  Another great idea... tape a Christmas tree on your refrigerator using painters tape.  Fun activity while you're cooking dinner!  

She was apart of this whole process.  Cutting Mardi Gras beads for her "lights". 

Picking out her decorations.  

Adding to tree.

We used a hot glue gun because we didn't have any gorilla glue on hand.  Some of the pieces fell apart.    Gorilla glue would be a better option.  

Her finished tree.  

This was another tree she made this AM.  

"Can you take my picture, Mommy?"  Of course!!  



  1. Awesome idea! Love the little presents under the tree!

  2. where did you get this dry erase magnet board?

  3. I love how you organized all your supplies. Where did you get your containers?

  4. @Katebud Dry Erase board is from Staples.

    @James, Elise, and Nathan. I purchased the containers at Dollar Tree. You can see my whole playroom with close ups, details, etc. here...


  5. What a great idea! I am going to try this with my daughter, she has severe CP but the magnets would make it easier for her to drop/swipe the items on the tree and they would stay!
    Thanks for the great ideas week after week :)

  6. Those "lights" are brilliant. I love this whole idea! Much better than re-decorating the real tree! :-) Thanks for sharing...

  7. I love that she is using a hot glue gun! Children are much more capable than we let them be. Your posts are amazing and so developmentally appropriate. Thank you!


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