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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Foam Christmas Tree

Yes, we are getting an early start this year.  

 The Invitation (Foam cone, beads, gems, Christmas lights)

 A closer look

 Great for fine motor skills

 Pushing in more "ornaments"


 When he was all done he ran downstairs.  THIS is where he put his tree.  At first I was so confused as to why he would chose to put it here and then it dawned on me.....this is where we put up our tree at Christmas!  WOW!  Too funny!



  1. Wow, great idea! Can you post a picture in the daylight (or maybe just describe) on how you have those mirrors propped up? Another fabulous idea.

  2. I love all the sensory play you allow your children to do.

  3. Your son is sooooooo cute and adorable! I love this idea - where did you get the cones from?

  4. I bought the cones from the floral dept in Walmart.

    I have the mirrors tapes together down the seam in the back using packaging tape....its three mirrors and they stand up when I angle them.

    Thanks, Ladies. :)

  5. Aw how cute, hes standing there with so much pride.


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