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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Today we were in the Hallmark store and my son spent most of the time playing with the snow globes while I picked a card for someone.  It suddenly dawned on me that I knew how to make a snow globe.  I cant believe we have not done this already.  Yes, its typically something I have made at Christmas (and totally cant wait to do it this year), but why not Halloween, too?  So, I asked him if he would like to make one and he said "yes yes yes" while jumping up and down.  We went to the dollar store next door and I let him choose items to put in his globes.  It was actually a very involved experience as we had to talk extensively about what would fit and what wouldn't fit - using a jar from the store for comparison.  He chose "pumpkin lady", a spider, and a skeleton (not seen here).  When we got home, we made these.  So cute and so fun!  We have one more to make tomorrow.

  • distilled water
  • glycerine
  • jars
  • glitter
  • super glue
  • (I also used some curly black confetti for a more "Halloween" look)

 Glue the figure to the lid of the jar and let dry (its important to wear sunglasses during this process - LOL)

 Fill the jar with water....allow room for water displacement when you add the figure.  Add a squirt of glycerine and the glitter (seen here).

 Screw on the lid and shake shake shake!!

 These are the globes we made today.  The spider fit in with no glue because of its size....its just stuck in there pressing against the sides of the jar.

 shaking the spider globe

 "pumpkin lady"

 spider globe

 This is where HE chose to put them.....our entry hall table.


  1. Now when people enter your home, they will know it's a fun place to be!


  2. :) Yes, I LOVE that he wanted them there....and I love that he can reach them when he wants to play with them. - AK

  3. Love this idea, we will have to work on some tomorrow which is perfect because there is no preschool tomorrow and was looking for something to work on! Thanks! Where did you get the glycerine?

  4. What a fun project and certainly cheaper than buying them at Hallmark!

  5. Love, love the sunglasses! (Surely the key to making good craft project GREAT!). This is a wonderful idea...thanks for sharing.

  6. I made globes for christmas last year with a kindergarten-group. The kids loved it and their parents too! :)

  7. How old is your son? Mine is 2. Wonder if he is too young for this project. Looks like a lot of fun!!

  8. What is the glycerin used for? Can you just use water and glitter?

  9. I bet the glycerin makes it swirl more slowly, since it would thicken the liquid. I'm sure we can use just water though : )

  10. The glycerine makes the glitter fall slowly...or slower.


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