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Saturday, August 13, 2011


This post actually has very little to do with a harpsichord, but its what my son kept telling me he was painting.  That and "the biggest circle ever!".  I just love the fact that somewhere in that amazing mind of his, he saw a harpsichord in his work. 

It was a rainy day today.  We played in the rain for over and hour - putting leaves and flowers in the flowing water and running after them to the drain.  I wish I had pics, but I was too busy playing along (plus, it was raining - kind of hard to hold an umbrella and take pics at the same time - LOL).  After our outdoor adventures in the rain, we came inside and I set up an invitation.  Illuminating the easel.  I tried to black out the windows in the garage and then used the overhead projector to illuminate the easel.  I dont know if it was just the day or the coolness of the light shining through the easel, but my 2.5 year old son painted for a good 45 minutes.  The pictures really dont do it justice - it was a really neat experience.

All you need -



  1. What kind of paint are you using, and does it just wash off the board? My dad made me a plexiglass easel for Gus... I'm going to get it over Labor Day and wanted to start preparing for our painting adventures!!

  2. Tempera paint...it washes right off with the hose. - AK

  3. I love the giant easel!!! Can I come over and play? :)

    Also really love that your son knew what a harpsichord was! :)

  4. We are finally getting to use our easel in the classroom - the children love it!

  5. We're not particularly handy with building things...can you recommend a place to buy a plexiglass easel?


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