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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water Xylophone

Take 5 or 6 glasses and fill them at different water levels.... the thinner the glass the better this will work.

If you want to add color, put a couple drops of food coloring into each glass.

Use any object to "play your music"  

We found wooden objects work best.  

You can also make your xylophone glow in the dark!  

I bought some glow bracelets and placed 5 different colors in water at different levels.  My daughter also used a glow stick to make the music.  :-)  Glow sticks can be purchased at the dollar store in a pack of 5 or and Michaels Craft Store in a pack of 15 for only a dollar!  After you are done playing with them they can be placed in the freezer.  Take them back out the next few nights and they will still glow.  

**The aura seen here is a camera effect.**



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