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Monday, June 20, 2011

Stories and Light

My daughter LOVES to read.  She had a love for books from an extremely early age.  Don't get me wrong, I love reading to her (LOL) but.... I wanted to give her some other options other than sitting with me in the big bean chair reading story after story.  We do a lot of felt stories that she loves.  I thought I would bring in another element that was even more interactive.


Mouse Paint.  A favorite in our house right now. 

I used laminated tissue paper and cut out shapes.  I am not the best artist in the world so bare with me!  What was nice about these was that she could put the mouse directly in a colored puddle and his feet would actually turn color!  :-)  

There were three white mice on a white piece of paper...

Stories can also be made up with all sorts of different shapes. We've done flowers, clouds, houses, and clothing for people that I drew for her.  So many options!  


  1. OMG I love this!!! You are my hero! LOL

  2. so cute, i found a site that has print outs of mouse paint, i was going to use it as a flannel board set but might print it out and try this. If you want to look at the site it is

  3. http://www.kizclub.com/stories1.htm
    here it is

  4. what a great idea to laminate tissue paper - I'll have to try it. It gives me so many more ideas for the light table. Thanks

  5. We LOVE that book! Found it at the library the other day :). How much fun!

  6. How did u laminate tissue paper?? Do u need a laminator?

  7. another question...is she drawing on the plexiglass? It washes off fine? I am assuming dry erase markers...My plexi is white...I have been wondering if I could let them write on it without staining?


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