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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Painting - It's not just for paper

This is a great way to offer something different to your child that may inspire even more creative freedom.  Its also a bonus if you have just tiled something in your home and have extra tiles to save.  Its cheap, fun, and washes right off when you are done.  My son loved this!  - AK
Hoping to inspire my 2 yr old son, I set this up while he was still in bed this morning
"Mommy, this brush is like a fan - its a fan brush."
"Im making snakes - and bats."
choosing a color
A new surface - a mirror. "I can see my reflection." *giggle*


  1. This is an awesome idea!! I'm excited for when I can do this kind of stuff with my little girl! :)

  2. Since it is more about the process than the product for children I love offering alternative painting surface to children ... to save a tree or two with the amount some of mine love to paint I laminated pieces of paper in different sizes so that they can paint a picture and than when they have moved on I can 'wipe it off' and they can use the surface again another day...works great too!

  3. I love doing this sort of thing, and I'm a bit flooded with ideas for it care of a visual arts degree and a diploma in children's services. Alternative painting surfaces; paper plates (make brilliant masks), calico stretched over cardboard and stapled in place to become an artist's canvas, windows, bathroom mirrors, water on concrete, rubber backed calico in an embroidery hoop, etching into clay slabs. There's also the simple thing of changing the angle the 'page' is at. It's very different painting/drawing upright on an easel than flat on a table, makes for a beautiful flow of energy and motion and much much easier reference to inspirational objects in front of you.

    Then you've got the delight of painting over different textures; hessian, corduroy, bubble wrap of varying sizes, sandy fingerpaint :)


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