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Friday, June 17, 2011

Electric Toothbrush Painting

Inspiration for this came from  AK's "PAINTING WITH A POWER TOOL".  My daughter LOVES to paint, but I knew she wouldn't be so into the power tools! However, it looked like so much fun.  :-)  I wanted to create a different version that didn't make so much noise.  She's not a fan of noise.  

Obviously, a toothbrush is something that is supposed to go in the mouth.  Before we began painting we talked about how this was going to be a "painting toothbrush" only and that it needed to stay out of her mouth.  It was never an issue.  

Toothbrush Introduction

She had just as much fun turning it on and off as she did painting!  

Dipping the toothbrush in paint

She did turn the toothbrush off to dip... then turned it back on to paint.

It's spinning! 

So fun!  

She loved this. 

Thanks again for the inspiration AK! :-)


1 comment:

  1. I love this! Painting with a power toothbrush looks like super fun!


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