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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Red Bath (Infant Play)

I'm just apologizing in advance for my upcoming blog posts.  Most of the pictures were taken with my cell phone.  Now that my youngest is movin' and groovin' my time is extremely limited!  

Creating a colored bath is a fun way to introduce colors to your infant.  You can do this a couple different ways....

1.  Using dyes (please see picture below).  

You can use natural dyes... please see THIS post.  You can use a couple drops of food coloring or liquid watercolors.  Lastly, you can purchase bath tablets such as these seen HERE.  

Here is a picture of my oldest daughter in her colored bath.  She was 9 Months here.  See any resemblance to my youngest??  :-P  

2.  Placing different objects all of the same color in the bath.  This is a great alternative for those of you who had concerns with the dyes.  

I set this up for my youngest (10 months).   I don't have a picture of everything I put in (uh duh)... but it's pretty much just a bunch of random stuff we had around the playroom.  I threw in some washcloths, silk tie, water balloons, etc. to give her different textures.  There are maybe about 10 objects in this tub...and even that is a lot.  I would recommend not putting to many things in the bath.  It can be very overstimulating to your infant to have a bunch of different things going on at once... especially if bath time is typically a relaxing/calming time for him/her.  I would also suggest that if you do a colored bath with dyes to leave it at just that.  Talk with your infant on how you can pour/dump/splash/fill up etc. the colored water.  When you use objects, as seen below, keep the water clear so it is more visibly appealing to them.  

"You're squeezing the red balloon.  That must feel squishy and cold."

"You have two red cups!  Let's see if we can stack them."

"We made a red tower!"

"You have a red towel on you.  That's so silly!!  Where did ______ go?"  There she is under the red towel"

"You have a red hat on your head.  Whoa, that was a big splash.  Look, your red hat is floating in the water now." 

I see you!!!  

For more fun things to do with infants please see our section here on the blog as well as our FACEBOOK ALBUM

For more water play for infants click HERE


Monday, July 30, 2012

Peek-A-Boo Box

I made A CAVE OF STARS a few days ago for my youngest (8 months).  We've been having so much fun with this box since.  We started a little game of peek-a-boo with me closing and opening the door on her.  She loved loved loved this.  So..... it led me to this....

The Peek-A-Boo Box

All you need is a big box and something to cut the little doors.  I just used a kitchen knife.  This is one side of the box.  These doors are all over the box in different sizes.  

My older girls loved this as well!  Here she is with my 29M old playing.  I found it to be a great way for them to really play and interact with her.  :-) 

Smart baby!  :-P  

It was hard to capture pictures of this since my camera had to be at a certain angle to shoot through the hole.  Here she is anticipating what hole we will surprise her in next.  

We also used animals as well as instruments to make different sounds. 

"There is the cow!  You're touching his nose.  That must feel soft and fuzzy."  

She loved the holes closer to the ground she could peer out herself.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where is the cream? - Infant play

I often played a game with my middle girl when she was around 14-15 months old where I squirted colored foam paint on her body parts.  It was one of her favorite games.  I thought I would try it with my youngest, but I used cool whip instead.   I wanted something edible and this is what I had on hand.  You could also use yogurt, baby cereal, etc.

My daughter is 8 months here.  

Colored cool whip.  

"There is blue on your toe!"  

"Do you see the green on your knee?"

I don't know if my 29 month old remembered this but she was ALL over this one.  LOL  She sat next to her the whole time we played.  

What the heck is this thing?

Maybe if I taste it I will figure it out.

Trying to imitate me.  

Ooooohhhhh, that is some GOOD stuff!  

So I just paint my body like this?

"You have your hand in the green.  That must feel slimy!" 

The pan was fun to play with, too.  

A little extra cream.  

She loved the puffiness of this!  Next time we will have to opt for the foam paint.  

Trying to grab it.  

Sensory play at it's finest.  


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Infant Play Dough Play

**** Only do what you are comfortable with ****

Below is an invitation I set up for my 7 Month old.  She loves any sort of sensory play and I wanted to bring in another medium.  I had no idea how she was going to react to this and boy was I in for a surprise.  I always say this, and I will say it again... NEVER underestimate your children.  

This invitation was set up for her right after breakfast with a full belly of yummy food and milk.  

Play dough and mirrors.  

Mirrors can be seen HERE 

The play dough is store bought.  If you are more comfortable with something homemade see HERE

Checking it out.  

Yes, you may put that in your mouth.  

Yeah... that didn't taste so good.    

Back to exploring

Hmmmm.... maybe the pink one tastes different.... 

No, not so much.  

She LOVED the little tiny pieces that had broken off.  

Pretty good pincer grasp if I don't say so myself.  :-P  

"You are holding the green play dough.  You are squeezing it!  That must feel squishy in your hands.  Uh oh, it's stuck on your finger.  That is so silly!  There it goes.  The dough fell out of your hand.  Where did it go?  There it is... you found it!"  

I ended up rolling some smaller pieces into balls since she really enjoyed the smaller pieces.  


The dough would often get stuck on her hands.  So fun to watch her problem solve to get it off.  


She probably could have played with this all day.  

Below is a short 4 minute video of her play in action.  


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I-Spy Redneck Waterbed

When I initially made our "redneck waterbed" - seen HERE, I had every intention of putting things inside.  I was so excited about getting it together, though, that I totally forgot.  

**NOTE - For the waterbed I only used ONE piece of sheeting, not two.  I folded it over and taped the three open sides closed.**


So, today I decided to create the "I-Spy" version....and invited RLs girls and some other friends over to join us.  I made the waterbed just as I did in the original post, but added foam letters this time.  The children had ZERO interest in the letters - they were too busy marching and flipping and having fun.  LOL

This activity was created by Play at Home Mom and is copyright protected. © Play at Home Mom, LLC. Unauthorized use, imitation, and/or duplication of these pictures, activities, and material without expressed or written permission from the author and/or owners is strictly prohibited. All requests for content use can be directed here: Playathomemom3@gmail.com

RLs youngest checking out the letters.

Two of our boy friends came over to play.

The little ones checked out the letters from time to time.


We also put water and dish soap on the waterbed and used it as a slip-n-slide.  I joined in, so I don't have any pics of that, but it was sooooooooo fun!!

Oh wait....RL got a few pics of the kids using it as a slip-n-slide......

The kids running toward the waterbed/slip n slide

After a slide


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Water Play for Infants

It's never to early to start water play with your infant.  

Water play is great for your child's physical, mental, and social-emotional growth and there is no right or wrong way to play.  

Here are few things that we have been enjoying with my youngest.  

Mini version of AK's REDNECK WATERBED

I used a regular trash bag for this and just taped the end closed with duck tape.  I did this inside so I didn't add food coloring for fear of explosion all over my carpet.  This worked fine but next time I will use a thicker plastic to be on the safe side!  My 4 month old loved loved loved this!  

So happy!  

Visual Stimulation

Colored water with mirrors.


Another alternative when they start to grasp bigger objects.  Fill up small jars that they can hold/shake.  Great for increasing vocabulary and color recognition. 

"Oh, you have the green jar!  You're shaking it... that looks like fun!  Do you hear the water swishing around?"    

Water in balloons.  

These are fun to hold and squish but we always like exploring new ways of playing.  We poked some holes in the balloon and let the water squirt out on my youngest.  

As you will see below all my girls loved this.  

My youngest thought this was hilarious!  I'm sure the water felt pretty funny to her.  

My 25 month old squirting herself.  LOL  

Fill up a tub/baby pool up with a little bit of water.  Let the splashing begin!  

These next two pictures are actually my OLDEST.  These are pre-pahm.  See any resemblance??

Colored bath

Squirt pool can be seen HERE


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