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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Melon Boats

An Awesome Book
My oldest was "reading" this book this AM.  There is a page (see below) that has Magic Watermelon Boats.  

"Mommy, can we make these?"

Since I had everything on hand we would need this was an easy YES moment. 

"YES- We can make watermelon boats!"

Magic Watermelon Boats

This activity was all set up and thought out by my oldest.  
"We need watermelon.  Do we have a watermelon?  We could use sticks and paper to make the flags.  Then we can fill up a baby pool and see if they float!!  Oh wait, we don't have a baby pool.  Do we?  That's OK, we can just put them in the bathtub.  That will work.  That will tell us if they sink or float."  

My oldest (4.5) making her "flag".

"I need to tape them together... like that one there in the book."

My oldest was making the boat with the blue sail.

My 3 year old decorating her sail.

It's finished!

Using a melon baller to clean out the inside.
For a fun edible sensory bin using melon balls click on the post below...

Sticking the sail in.

Yes, you may suck out all the juice with your straw.

"Look, look!!!  They float!!!  It worked, they float!!"

We only had half a watermelon so my 3 year old compromised and used a cantaloupe.  :-) 

The girls added playmobil people and got in the bath with their "boats".  

Melon season is here, and we are looking forward to recreating these often!  It was such a fun project from start to finish.  



  1. Dallas Clayton is the best. We love all of his books. You are seriously the best mom. I would have never thought to do this.

  2. I can't wait to make one!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your kitchen table looks so scratchless. Where did you get it?

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