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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paper Towels... Colors... Water


Paper Towels
Liquid Watercolors 

I set this invitation up for my 3.5 year old and 25 month old.  

My oldest is obsessed with all things letters/numbers/tracing lately.  She is always asking me to draw dotted letters to trace.  I thought it would be fun to put a twist on it and change things up a bit.  We did this on the light table but it does not have to be done this way.

I decided to write letters/numbers on paper towels that she could trace with water.  She absolutely LOVED this.  I remember doing this all the time as a kid.  We used to trace the designs on paper towels with marker and then spray them with water and watch the colors bleed.  :-)  I wanted her to try that too, but all we had on hand was plain white towels.  

I set dropper bottles out for my 25 Month old, but she took a long nap today and never made it to the invitation.    

The invitation

Tracing numbers with water.

The paper towel did come up a bit so I suggested we tape it down.... she didn't like that idea and wanted to just hold it with her hand.  

Tracing letter D

"Can you make more?  This is fun because I know how to trace my letters"

What would you like me to make?... She spelled her name.  I think I made a name for every single person she knows.  LOL  

After a hour of letter tracing she moved on to the dropper bottles.

Coloring paper

Some of her finished work.  These are laying out to dry.  I'm going to set up another invitation with these, a pair of scissors, and modge podge to make a collage on poster board.  



  1. Is there anything you go DO while she is playing for an HOUR like you said? Or do you just usually spend the time with her?

  2. In this particular invitation I stayed with her. It was the first time we did this one and both my younger girls were sleeping. I always use this time to do one on one with her because it's the only time she gets it aside from when my husband is home. However, there are plenty of times where my girls play independtly while I am cook, clean, etc.

  3. This is awesome:) Could you tell me where you got the droppers? Saw some on school discount supply but they didn't look like the clear glass bottles that you have.


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